Hello, I am a complete newb first off.

Hello, I am a complete newb first off. I am having trouble sending the g-code to my machine. I am able to connect to the machine and jog it around but it is not tracking the movements on the coordinate screen first of all. Second of all when I import a g-code file and try to run it all that happens is it toggles the “x” axis back and forth.

What control board are you using?

I should state that I am using an arduino flashed with GRBL .8c and creating gcode in jscut.

Can you jog all 3 axes, or just X? If you can successfully jog all 3 axes, then at least we know you have wiring correct.

I think i figured out what I was doing wrong. I didnt have grbl selected from the drop down and i didnt turn up the feed rate.

Thank you for the response.

I am really a newb. I switched from easel because when i was starting a cut and clicked raise the bit, it would raise like six inches and not come back down before it started the cut. I never even had one successfull cut with easel. I switched to chillipeppr and had pretty instant success with it.

My machine is homemade and I have been working on it for two months. I finally got it done and was so disapointed when I could’nt get it to run right. It is’nt the machine it is the software. I just needed to do more research I guess. It runs good now. Now I just need to learn the software better and figure out all of my machine’s quircks and all that fun stuff. I can’t wait.