Hello .. I already Buyed laser module 2.5w with ttl and including drive but

Hello … I already Buyed laser module 2.5w with ttl and including drive but my laser so weak im trying to cut plastic about 2m … i tryed to cut it by 10 passe with 250 cut rate … how i can resolve this problem or how can i upgrade my laser to about 15w or 10w … or where the way to buy laser about 15w thanks

What plastic is this? Are you changing the focus while cutting? Some acrylic colors cannot be cut by blue diode laser

this is the plastic what i did after 10 passe … and yes its focus small circle

@P_Mido please read carefully my questions

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty i dont know name of plastic and i didnt change foucs while im cuting … My laser i measure the voltge while he cut … it measure only 2 Voltage why that … maybe that is the problem

@P_Mido changing the focus while cutting its very important specially on a diode laser, that would make cutting in less passes

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty But i be4 i start cutting i change focus to smallest diode … that what u talking about !!

@P_Mido no. With each pass you should refocus the laser. That’s done with Z axis moving down on each pass. If not the your leader is weak at the deeper the cut

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I dont have z axis … bytheway My laser power i measure it i get 2 V … its right or something wrong ?! or maybe that must be over 2 V … and Laser 2.5w can cut how many Mili can cut … im beginner in this kind of this project … :frowning:

@P_Mido if you need to cut many project diode is not the laser you want. Diode is more for engraving.
You need to check for amp not V. My laser driver proeuces max 2.5amp

Where i can found this AMP … and what is meens
and if i need laser module to cut more then engraving what is u recommend to me ?!
if i need to upgrade My laser … how it can happend ?!
srry for many asking :slight_smile:

@P_Mido you need to check the specifications for your laser driver. amp will determine the power the laser emits ( kind of ) . My drive I can regulate this.

To cut you need a CO2 láser. With this you can also engrave.
It’s more expensive but it depends on what you need. If you cannot buy that laser then try get a good Diode laser with a good driver and a Z axis. Is much slower than a CO2 to Cut but will to a better job

Can u tell me about good laser about 10w to 15w

Don’t know any real 10w or 15w laser diode. Look for the following manufacturers that produce reputable laser diode

I need to cut matrile until to 8 m or something … Tell me or adive me to buy which one or i can upgrade my old one to more power tell what i can do

If you need to cut 8mm on a regular basis for business I would not do anything that’s not a 60w CO2 laser

i know … its not co2 i need laser module is good to cut wood … ect with max 2 passe i heard about laser 15w … its good module or bad ?!

I don’t know. If you see any of the manufacturers above have good reputation, if they sell 15w I’ll say it’s ok. Any other source I would not trust

thanks for replay and srry for my alot of questions … u meen manufactures that u told me be4 … can u give me link to them so i can talk with them thanks

Forget diode lasers for cutting anytring more than 2mm wood! A real 15W (continous) laser diode would be much more expensive than a complete K40 CO2 laser maschine. The chineese 10-15W diode laser modules are fake! They mostly just pulse operate a 3W diode. That’s not worth the monney.