Hello guys , this is me Mikey,

Hello guys , this is me Mikey, I work in a Chinese 3D Printer comapny

Hello Mikey will you keep you job if you give us the names of the printers sold in the USA?

@Kenneth_Cummings ​, all of the high quality ones. Better than the vietnamese and indonesian crap.

@Patrick_McMicken ​ Vietnam and indonesia make 3d printer? Whats the name?

Printrbots are made in America. I never went to China. Way less headaches. And we have always had great prices.

Mikey, There are some people having issues with Wanhao D6 Plus freezing. I have seen 2 users have this issue so far. One posted videos on youtube and another in the D6 FB Group. Is there an firmware update to address this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8pBdNJKdpw