hello guys,  thanks for accepting me. I am new to this community.

hello guys,
thanks for accepting me. I am new to this community. I have a prsa i2 i am having troublr the extrusion stops after 30-40 minutes of contionious printing. any idea to solve this problem??

Try different tension settings on the filament bearing. Too tight and it strips. Too loose and if strips.

ok i will ty that if possible could you provide me with ideal settting for slic3r i use my filament diameter is 1.7 PLA j hotend nossile size .4mm

I use cura. made by ultimaker. I reccomend it to anyone.especially beginners. super easy to use.

Thanks @D_Rob I will definetly try it. actually i was asking about ideal setiing for infill density stuff like that. i am thinking of making replacement parts for my prusa i2 so they have to be strong and durable.

Infill depends on the desired strength of the part. Also consider wall thickness. I recommend cura as it is the easiest (imo) slicer to get up and running. If you are printing parts for a printer upgrade. I suggest leaving the i2 design. Actually the mendel design altogether is a very space inefficient design. Any design with the bed as x or y is. the extra mass limits speeds, acceleration, and adds unnecessary mass to be moved on what should be a rapid axis. x and y move constantly and z sits there whole layers. I started with a mendel hybrid design (mendel90 and i3) I am now using it to build a better design. however if you want to stay with i2 I will help where I can. Have you calibrated your machine in x y and z? what firmware do you use? which host? Which electronics?

Thanks @D_Rob definitely i want to upgrade the design. I have calibrated the printer i was working fine for some time the problems started. I use the repetitor host frimware it was really easy to configure to my needs i ued RAMPS and wanthai 4.2Kg torqe motors but i have kysan 5Kg torqe stock. i am some what beginer on the 3d printing field. I have an online CNC store and Project designing center and i have the resources but currently lack of budget forced me to go for the i2. i am always open for ideas and updates. i have a arduino based community you might be intrested

A simple upgrade would be a t slot framed machine. @MISUMI_USA has tight tolerances (.5mm) on their cuts this cuts down threaded rod frames helps wire routing and makes disassembly/reassembly super quick and easy. Check out the http://youmagine.com ingentis post by @Tim_Rastall awesome machine with an elegant design and super prints

@D_Rob i tied using Cura but i am facing some problem. even if i move the position it is only printing at the 0,0 position and i cant find any manual controls the

did you set home as 0,0? this is for delta machines try changing this in file>machine settings

are you using marlin?

@D_Rob you were right the machine center was set to 0,0 and what about the manual control??

@D_Rob still having trouble with extruder stops after 10 mins of printing. Its really frustrating wasted a lot of filaments. Please help… i am thinking of upgrading even for that ineed a printer.

what extruder design? what hot end, hobbed bolt? diy hobbed bolt? post pics up close in the community of the whole feed chain from spool to extruder to hotend. back out 6 inches of filament and show pics of the 6in that backed out. Is the filament grinding, slipping, or being squished before the hot end?

@D_Rob Wades extruder design. J hot end. its Normal hobbed bolt. the filment slips after extrusion stops

printing pla?
real jhead?

@D_Rob Printing PLA

join the 3d printing community post there in a fresh post. a bunch of us will help you

ok sure will do @D_Rob thanks for all your help

Do you have a fan blowing across the PEEK on the Jhead? Fan is required with PLA.