Hello guys, just got done installing Ramps 1.4 and everything working the way I

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Hello guys, just got done installing Ramps 1.4 and everything working the way I should (I am sure). But I am facing weird problem with Inkscape extension installation. I am following every step as Turnkey Tyranny’s Gcode Exporter plugin. Tried on two different win7 machines, and a win 8.1 tab, but its just not happening. Issue is I simply dont see the extension under Extension > Export > . I have tried both 32 and 64 bit versions. Tried both pre-compiled and manual install Python. But when i run Inkscape the plugin is not there.

Does any one know what is that am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Really frustrated after setting all the hardware up and darn software not creating a g-code file to do maiden flight. aaaahhhhhhh :confused:

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Yeah I installed it right (I guess), now have to know how to run it. Need bit more reading. then will ask some questions. Thank You.

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+Peter van der Walt I am almost there. Getting an error : Object Expected Source: Microsoft JScript Runtime Error

What i do ?

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When I try to run Server.js

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OK got it. Let me digg a little deep and then bug u again. Really appreciate your continuous help.

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+Peter van der Walt Looks like on my macbook everything installed smooth (i guess) and this is what I am getting now:

Chirags-MacBook-Pro:laserweb chiragchaudhari$ node server.js
Got error: connect ECONNREFUSED not enabling webcam
connected to /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Serial-1 at 115200
throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event
Error: Cannot open /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem
at Error (native)
Chirags-MacBook-Pro:laserweb chiragchaudhari$

what is the next step. how to localhost? Sorry but your instructions are not Noob Proof :stuck_out_tongue:

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still same error. aaahhhh. let me try on windows machine. one more question lets say everything installed correctly on the win machine. How to use the Access part. I mean where to find hostaddress ? please bare with my noob questions. and thans for such fast replies. \m/

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once i figure this out im gonna help u write noob prof instructions. do i need pythn installed. on win 8 tab got a whole bunch of errors. log file


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Great! installed Python2.7 and guess wht “npm installed” worked with no errors except following two lines: and back to prompt.

npm WARN package.json reprapweb@ No repository field.
npm WARN package.json reprapweb@ No license field.

Neet to find OTG cable real quick to connect Mega/Ramps to this tiny fella! Very exiting

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downloading Arduino SDK for drivers. its taking too long to install driver. Thank you thank you thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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connected and got GIU in my browser (Chrome)

This is Legen…wait for it…Dery!

I guess you can get some sleep now. Next step see what this does. but before that gotta take care of some business. Play time over, be back soon.

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Machine control working like charm! OMG cant wait to test this baby out. I am dancing like a kid now (literally)

Thank you so much Peter!

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Instead of downloading whole zipped folder and then extracting files form there to copy them to extension folder, I Right-Clicked and Save File as to extension. So the .py and .inx file had some extra information causing it not to work.