Hello guys, I need your support:

Hello guys, I need your support:
I have an ACRO with CNC xPro v3 (spark concepts) and jtech laser, and I want to upgrade it to add a pen (to draw), and a vinyl cutter.
I made in the past a Drawbot or AxiDraw, that lift the pen (or blade holder) with a servo.
Is there a way to use the CNC xPro board to control a servo for Z axis movement?
I want to make an easy switch, and not to flash the firmware on the board every time I want to switch from laser to pen drawing…

You can use the A3, D12 and D13 pins as ‘trigger’ for external devices. I use the coolant enable to turn on my laser, for example.

If you use the D13 pin for spindle direction, you can use the M3 - spin clockwise, M4 - spin counterclockwise, to control. M8 and M9 turn the ‘coolant’ pin on and off.

You can wire a solenoid to A3 and use M8/M9 to activate.

+Peter van der Walt Thanks Peter. One question: If I flash the CNC xPro board, Will I be able to use it for a regular laser ? or I need to flash it every time I switch from laser to vinyl cutter (servo)?