Hello guys i have modified the the marlin frimware M240 command.

Hello guys i have modified the the marlin frimware M240 command. by default it emulates canon RC1 remote i modifide it to emulate multiple devices Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony or Minolta IR remotes. but problem is when i send the code manually it works everytime but when its send on the Print it works sometime sometimes not. Amy idea what the problem is??
Program code

case 240:// M240 Triggers a camera by emulating a Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and Minolta http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-libraries/multi-camera-ir-control/

  Sony SA900(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);SA900.shutterNow();delay(50);
  CanonWLDC100 D3(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);D3.shutterNow();delay(50);
  Canon D5(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);D5.shutterNow();delay(50);
  Minolta MA900(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);MA900.shutterNow();delay(50);
  Nikon D5000(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);D5000.shutterNow();delay(50);
  Olympus E5(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);E5.shutterNow();delay(50);
  Pentax K7(PHOTOGRAPH_PIN);K7.shutterNow();delay(50);


:frowning: No Panasonic, Olympus, Blackmagic or Leica.

@Marcus_Wolschon yes it supports olympus Can add all those devices all needed is their IR codes.

The cameras I have don’t have IR
and nobody supports their USB protocol.

@Marcus_Wolschon Which models do you have???


@Marcus_Wolschon If you can provide me dimensions of your cameras i can design an arduino Servo motors IR based shutter trigger for you… that can be attached to your camera without modifying your camera.

I think an electric (GH2,GH1 using a switch between 2 resistor values ) or LANC trigger (BMPCC) THE is a far better idea.

yes it can but you would have to dismantle the cam

There’s a connector for it and it’s documented how to use that connector.

ok. sitll you can add a an ir to it with. it would be safer to use a Opto isolator with it

Why? It’s not connected to mains, thus has a floating ground.
LANC is powered by the camera anyway and the resistor-shutter could use a solid state relay for isolation.

ok ok i got it now any way i am using a endstop to trigger cam it would be better than M240. anyways all s well…

is there a way to wire this up on a rambo board?

@James_Zatopa Yes I think so you can do it with Rambo board.

@James_Zatopa The RAMBO Is same as A RAMPS 1.4 with aruino 2560 the RAMBO board EXP1 has 23 ready to connect for IR LED and modify the code. you are done.