Hello group. I finally got my Creation Station working.

Hello group. I finally got my Creation Station working. Thank you Riley P for your kind help. I have one problem left to solve. I cannot get my travel settings right. I can only get about .5" instead of 1". Chilipeppr shows my travel is 1" but the actual travel is only .5". I have tried several different setting in the $1tr command and the one that makes it travel .5" is $1tr=.35. That seems really strange to me but that is what is happening. Can anyone give me any clues as to how to get it to actually travel 1". Thanks. Bob

that sounds like a wrong setting on the microstepping?

I think @Simone_Marin is correct. I seem to remember having the same problem. I just turned off micro-stepping entirely at first to make sure everything worked, then I started playing with the settings(though now I actually still just turn it off)

Sorry @Bob_Nowak I didnt see you mention me. You have to put an @ in front of people’s names to make sure it alerts the person you are talking to. As far as your issue goes… What is the pitch on your lead screws? This is needed to set the $tr for each motor. Also what is your step angle for your stepper motor? Most are 1.8degrees but perhaps you have some weird number?