Hello .. Good Morning i have Question ! there any one already make CNC

Hello … Good Morning
i have Question !
there any one already make CNC Laser With Co2
so he can help me to make One
because i made cnc laser with laser module but he is very weak …
thanks the best group :slight_smile:

Making a CO2 laser is expensive. What kind of budget do you have?

For laser about 200$ … or tell me how mush will cost

Don’t think it’s possible. Only the tube will cost that.
Search on eBay for K40 laser cutter

What else i will need expect the tube … thanks for help

Tube, psu, lens, mirror, mirror holders, those would be the basics.
It’s cheaper to buy a K40 and grow up

Ohh i will be expensive … :frowning:
so if i will use Laser module . which best module can i use to cut and engraving …
and i have laser 2.5w and its so weak can i upgrade the beam of it to over 5.5w or higher

Cut is solely a actual job for CO2 as it’s much more powerful. Diode I don’t fell are made for cut

i understand
if so i can upgrade my laser just change beam … so i dont need to buy another module … ?!

Again. You.can use any diode module you.want but this are.not.meant for cutting at least in speed

i know man … i men with upgrade to get better engraving … and if the life time of beam end i will change beam without buying another module right ?!

A beam will last. Upgrade will make stronger beam but no enough to cut or engrave very fast

A beam stay work until 10.000 Hours Right ?!!
Or like u said it will last ?!

Yes , what’s your questions? What you want to engrave or cut and with what purpose?

i was need to cut wood about 3m or something to combin together to make home … tower something like that

Hobby or business? How many? How big?

business … i think Mush … and not big its small … if business will be fine then will be big :slight_smile: i hope

Buy a K40 laser cutter. It should be about 300 USD. If it’s a business you could be loosing business buy trying to get what you have to work. Mind that cut a piece of 3mm ply with this laser can take seconds

But Size of work its too small i think right ?!

300x200 you said project is small