Hello Good Afternoon ,

Hello Good Afternoon ,
i already make CNC Laser Engraving By arduino and CNC shield and i already plugin jumber to get Full Stepper On CNC shield
My ask :
When i engrave Photo i got simple alittel White space in Photo there is member of This Group told me to try Engrave Black Photo and change value of dimeter and Cut rate
i already try until i mostly i got like :
Cut Rate : 61
Dimeter : 0.12 Or 0.11 Maked it Really black :slight_smile:
But the Machine is too slowly !!
so Advice to remove thous jumber to make Machine Fast Or it will Not help ?!

What’s the max speed you have setup in your firmware? If it’s grbl type $$ in the console and post the result here

Yes its grbl firmware … Can i post it when i got home Soo sorry because i will late :frowning: can u wait please it can change i meen this problem can i speed it when i set value of cut rate = 61 ?!

Not sure I understand what you said. But if it’s slow then maybe there something to do with the firmware settings or LaserWeb4 settings. Please also post the.

i meen i can change value of grbl firmware to increase value of steper to move fast
… when i lower cut rate the movement is slow if i higher it movement is fast but not engraving :frowning:

Do you have a diode laser? Diode laser are very low power so you need to go slower. It also depends on the material

i have laser module 2500mw
and i need engrave not cut i know if i wana go to cut i must be slow but when i engrave its take low cut rate to engrave good and machine go slowly … can i speed it ?!
my laser and i engrave on papar thin but it was 400 cut rate but poto ia bad

@P_Mido it not clear for me what’s your actual problem. Please post a large cealr image with size of the result and also the screenshot of the settings used for that engrave

Ok i will make Image and post it after finish it and Screenshoot for setting

This is $$ grbl :

110 and 111 determine what’s the max speed you will be able to do. Here you have it at 500mm/min that’s 8mm/s that for engraving is to slow. So no matter what you out in speed on LW, it will never go faster that the firmware.

Now not because you can go faster means that you will get beautifully engrave. Laser is not like inkjet printer. You need to play a lot with speed, power, material and focus to get a good engrave

What u Recommend to Do ?
Or What u think i can do to make better engrave photo as good result !!

Still I need to see a good photo of your current result and the speed and power you use for that result and the material. Just to be able to tell you if you can do better easily or not. I will not have a magic formula is hours of testing.

You can yes increase the speed to grbl by seeing $110=6000 and $111=6000 separately

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Ok im engraveing photo right now !! i will show u it after i finish it !

My result is not good in this video i will show u all setting and movement of machine even i set cut rate over 2000 … the machine is soo slowly and its burning all wood and nothing appears of my photo i dont know this problem why happend

can u help me thnx

hey @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty what about the dynamic laser mode for grbl, doesnt that need to be on?(32 i think) still a grbl noob lol

@P_Mido the video is very bad, cannot help you like this. Did you change the speed and I said above?
Also as Joe says if you are in GRBL 1.1 $32=1

If all is turning black there could be 2 reason: laser is not pwm, or to slow o laser mode off

You must read this

i already change value of $110 and $111 = 6000
and yes im grbl 1.1 so i will change $32=1
and My laser is PWM !! TTL