Hello, from this website : tweaking4all i've got this code :

(karl thomas) #1

from this website : tweaking4all

i’ve got this code : link
where there is many animation in one sketch
i would like to add a parameter to change the HUE of the strip
so i add line 744 : leds[Pixel] += CHSV( 100, 0, 0);
but nothing append
i’ve also try : leds[Pixel].setHue(50);
but after the animation doesn’t work
i’ve try to find a way to increment the hue but i don’t know how

someone could help me
thanks a lot


(Marc Miller) #2

Here’s a little test I made. See if this sort of idea could work for you.

(karl thomas) #3

super thanks you,
i have test it work perfectly