Hello Friends, i work on my XATC and found (maybe) a bug.

Hello Friends, i work on my XATC and found (maybe) a bug. But before i wrote an issue i’ll ask some guys here.

I’ll run a Touchprobe command (G38.2) inside of a gcode file, but in every case the board freeze at this command. The controller doesn’t answer on the serial console and i don’t got an error message.

I use build 442.04 cuz the last edge-build (449) freeze sometimes and is in this state unusable. Has somebody the same experiences and maybe a workaround for this? You see, i try to change the WCS and so on, but no luck.



I’ve never seen G53 alone on a line. Could that possibly be crashing instead?

@oscar_riojas ??

Hi Frank, do you have soft limits enabled? What is the other WCSs offsets in relation to the machine coordinates? Possibly you go beyond the allowed limit values.
Maybe you could try with lower Z values at the beginning and increase, as you go further.

@sszafran softlimits switched off and the max and min traveling is set to -100 and 100.