Hello friends, i search for Stop Rings for 1/8" endmills.

(Frank Herrmann) #1

Hello friends, i search for Stop Rings for 1/8" endmills. Maybe somebody can send me a link for a shop or has some rings to send to germany? :slight_smile:

(Denis Seguin) #2

I buy some on ebay

(Frank Herrmann) #3

Sounds good, can u send a link please?

(Mat Helm) #4

Ever thought of just making your own out of wood? Also can use lock collars…

(Werner Drasch) #5

Seems my ebay-search-fu is also flawed… I can‘t find any. Found some shop in the US (http://store.yahoo.com/drillcity/stoprings1.html), but paying 22bucks for shipping a 9buck item to germany won’t happen.

(Denis Seguin) #6

I don’t find, I make order maybe is 4 years

(Steve Slese) #7

Found this.

(Sebastian) #8

I bought some PCB micro drills with stop rings included here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10Pcs-PCB-Print-Circuit-Board-Carbide-Micro-Drill-Bits-Tool-0-3mm-to-1-2-mm-NEW-/361251633854?hash=item541c467abe

(Frank Herrmann) #9

Ok, found some in UK: http://www.crownhill.co.uk/02062.html but transfer 20 Pounds to germany :] But good for uk guys :slight_smile: Rings: http://www.crownhill.co.uk/search/for/rings/

(Frank Herrmann) #10

Tata … for germans: http://www.ebay.de/itm/20-Distanzringe-fuer-VHM-Fraeser-3-00-mm-Anschlagringe-/331616843113. Thanks guys!

(Frank Herrmann) #11

Attention! The german link’s has only 3.00 mm used rings. I make an testorder, maybe we are lucky and the rings slipped on my 3.175mm mill’s. But i dont believe it.

(Sebastian) #12

@Frank_Herrmann are the UK rings 3.175mm? I can get them for you in UK and will have them next week in Poland (cousin will fly back from UK) and then I can post it to you. Will probably order a package for myself. Just let me know. Seb.

(Werner Drasch) #13

I am inclined to try and mill one from something like hdpe, but still have to do some research on the original measurements as I have none at hand. @Frank_Herrmann ​ keep me posted on your experience with those 3mm ones ( as I am from Germany also). Btw: I really liked your videos so far on the solder dispenser… keep up the good work.

(Frank Herrmann) #14

Hi +Sebastian Szafran, very cool idea. Yes i want a two “mixed big package” for 10 pounds.

(Werner Drasch) #15

@Frank_Herrmann i found some in Germany…

(Frank Herrmann) #16

@Werner_Drasch Yeah you found my first contact, that’s my first rings. But i’ll found an alternative … but if i’m think about it, get only rings from one trustet shop in same Quality over years :wink: Today i’ll test the used 3mm rings … may we are lucky :slight_smile:

(Frank Herrmann) #17

Ok got the rings yesterday, they are too small. I broke a used endmill in try to put this ring to a 3.175 shaft. Ok, now i’ll buy them at my german store “sorotec” … may somebody needs used 3.0mm stop rings? :slight_smile: