Hello, For milling Plexiglas what kind of bit do you use?

Hello, For milling Plexiglas what kind of bit do you use?
i tried with wood bits it was ok but not more than that.
Do you fellows have som good tips on this matter?

I use a 4 flute milling bit. You have to take it easy and or use cooling or it will melt. Air works ok as a coolant.

Should add if you don’t need the transparency then there are far better plastics to machine. PVC being a really good one.

I shall make som plexi glas signs and led so transparency is a must :smiley: Thanks for the tips! then i have to start up my good old air compressor :smiley: as i wrote i used a wood cutting bit but the lines where to thick so i did not get the full details that I want

you can watch the video here when i did this

The blokes over on CNCZone seem to infer that cutters make by Onsrud seem to be the best. Worth a look at http://www.obsrud.com for some product info. A delicate balance of feed speed is required. Not too fast as the chips will stay in the channel and melt, welding them back to the workpiece. Loads of the guys recommend air cooling as the preferred option and one chap suggests that he uses a lubricant made from beeswax, paraffin wax and soap.

Thanks!, but the correct link is http://www.onsrud.com/
I will have a look (but i know that when i look i will have to buy some :slight_smile: )

G’day mate, I would use a single flute down cutter. The down cutter doesn’t rip the job off the bed and helps by pushing the swarf into the cut. Check my YouTube channel Dctteacher1 and watch the clip “Multicam CNC Flatbed Router”. I cut the part out with a down cutter. Cheers

Good day! thanks aron will take a looksi on that video :smiley:
Thanks for sharing your tips

I use a .125 obsrud 2 flute. For a polished cut that doesn’t look frosted, I use WD 40 as a lubricant.