Hello. First time poster here and new to the OX CNC experience.

(becker thorne) #1

Hello. First time poster here and new to the OX CNC experience. I have recently completed my build of my OX and I am in the testing phase now, where I have run into some issues. Namely all the motors perform excruciatingly slow (I mean very, very slow. The X gantry could take several minutes to travel the width of the machine) and the Y1 motor does not spin at all other than rocking back and forth (as seen in video). I confirmed all the wiring per the instructions and I dropped a volt meter on all connections to confirm transmission of electricity, but to no avail. And I am using only the original parts provided in the kit (48v Power supply, main board, spindle, etc).
Can I trouble someone/anyone for advice on what the issue might be?
Thank you.

(James Rivera) #2

Double check your stepper wiring. It looks like you might not have the coils paired correctly.

(Brandon Satterfield) #3

Any stepper doing that has 3 of 4 wires connected.
You cannot check stepper motor pulses with a volt meter.
The machine will only move at the speed instructed.

(becker thorne) #4

@Brandon_Satterfield - thank you for the information. I will check my wiring again. I was using the VM to confirm connection(ohms) at both ends of the terminal strips.

(becker thorne) #5

@James_Rivera - Thank you for the suggestions. Would you mind elaborating on your suggestion. I am new to this technology and learning on the fly.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

@becker_thorne stepper motors have 2 or more coils. Likely yours have two coils (4 wires).
These coils must be wired to the controller in groups and the polarity must be correct for the motor to rotate the correct direction.

First check that all stepper wires are connected all the way back to the controller.

If so then perhaps the motor wires are not paired correctly;

If you do not have the color codes for the pairs or if you suspect they are wrong. Disconnect the motor from the controller;
… short any two wires together and turn the motor shaft by hand. If the motor resists turning those two wires are a pair of a coil.
…If not keep trying this with pairs until you find two wires that do.
Once you have identified two sets of 2 wires …

Connect the motor by those pairs to the controller. Without the motor driving anything mechanical (belt) issue a move command and verify the motor turns the right direction. If it turns backward reverse the wires on one set of pairs.
Do this for each stepper.

(Darrell n) #7

Have you correctly set your motor parameters in the GRBL settings?
Start out with acceleration for all 3 axes set to 50 or so, and make sure your Steps/mm are set correctly. Also, make sure you have a reasonable microstepping value set on your stepper drivers. I wouldn’t set them to more than 1/8. Stepper wiring is also critical, if you wire the coils wrong you could blow the stepper drivers.

(becker thorne) #8

Sorry for the delayed response. I had a situation come up with work and it kept me busy all week.
Okay, I checked the wiring and I found the crossed wires on Y1. It has been corrected and the motors are spinning in the right direction now. THANK YOU everyone with your suggestions.
Now I need to figure out the GRBL software and the code prompts so I can get the machine to be fully functional.
Thanks again.