Hello FastLED community! I am just calling attention to the fact that yesterday (until

Hello FastLED community!
I am just calling attention to the fact that yesterday (until Feb20) Google opened registration for Google Summer of Code 2015 (GSOC2015). It is a cool program where Google pays college students to work on code for open source projects. Not sure if FastLED would be a candidate for such a thing. It will definitely require someone to micromanage all of the deadlines and paperwork and requirements…but the tradeoff is that you get Students to work on various action items that you want FastLED to accomplish (perhaps things that the core developers hope to get to, but havent). They have a big celebration at the end somewhere in California.

Here is the Google page for it:

I was one of the many mentors last year for the Beaglebone group. The guy who headsup the Beaglebone group is Jason Kridner…here is a blog post he did yesterday which links to all of the Beaglebone projects from last year:

Also, our friends over at OLA (open lighting architecture) have been involved in GSOC since 2012:
[one of the core developers works for google].

I would be glad to be a mentor or help in (almost) anyway, but filling out the forms and meeting the deadlines is not my strong suit… I would be better off on the testing/mentoring side of things, particularly with the hardware…I could donate pixels and platforms and test setups for the cause.

carry on!

Unlikely for this summer, but thanks for the reference!