Hello Everyone, my name is Alex, new here.

Hello Everyone, my name is Alex, new here. I’ve been following a lot of 3D printed RC cars and boats lately, mainly i use my 3D printer to print things for my racing drones, lately designed some fpv goggles (basically the case for the screen of my quanum v2). As this was a bigger print i wanted to try something even bigger and came across the OpenRC Project. And totally fell in love with the idea of providing anyone who has access to a printer (or simply ordering the parts from 3dhubs) the ability to build his own rc racing car. I’ve also bought the plans and files for tom stantons hovercraft and had a blast with it a while ago (unfortunately he didn’t make it open source but well. I respect his descision to sell those as a lot of work went into it)
At this point i started to think about contributing myself and after a while the idea to make a trimaran became my descision. After 2 failed tries i am at the version you see in the pictures attached. I gotta admit that i have not a lot of knowledge about boats unfortunately.
I just guessworked my way from looking at pictures and reading on the internet about boats.
So if you spot something that is a potential flaw go ahead any critique is welcome.
Also i would be glad on any input for motor, esc, and shaft. Would be nice if this thing would hit maybe 70 km/h. I would run it on 4-6s.
and right now the model would be 454mm long. I dont know if that is long enough or if i have to scale it up.
Also im thinking about replacing the bridges that connect to the outter floats with carbon rods as they may be a weak point but i dont have a clue if that will be the case.

Jump into the rc groups forums. There’s a very active community there that would be about to help you.