Hello everyone. I've caught the 3D Printing bug,

Hello everyone. I’ve caught the 3D Printing bug, and would like to build my own RepRap. I’ve been researching for a while and I’ve settled on the Prusa i3 for my project, due to the low cost for large build area. I’ve started sourcing components, but I’d like to confirm I’m going about this the right way with the community. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated to help me avoid making n00b mistakes :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which way to go yet: I could make the box frame, but I can’t find any plastic part kits for that style on eBay (all seem to be for the laser cut or single-sheet variant). If I went with the single-sheet, I see two options each ~$100:

  1. http://goo.gl/AY4pF (SeeMeCNC Lasercut) + http://goo.gl/yYgIM (Printed Parts)


  1. http://goo.gl/PAUxN (TwelvePro Lasercut + Printed Parts)

Alternatively, is there anyone out there in Philly area that would help me out with getting the plastic parts printed? I’m also thinking about going to my local hackerspace during their next open night…

I found this kit http://goo.gl/jaiZL which contains the Arduino, RAMPS 1.4, G3D drivers & hot plate boards, as well as the LCD & wiring kits. Seems like a good deal vice getting everything individually, but is the G3D driver really a decent successor to the Pololu? Both appear to use the same A4988 chip.

This is the part that I know least about. The RepRapWiki doesn’t really make it clear as to which extruder/hot end to use, and I’m completely open to suggestions here…

Thanks in advance for any helpful pointers or corrections to my course!

The @SeeMeCNC2 lasercut version goes together very well. I used that for my i3

Thanks, @lynnroth ! … I was leaning towards that one. It also seems to me like the only difference between single-sheet & box versions of the plastic are the z-axis holders, plus the larger M10 holes in the y-axis pieces. Does that sound right?

What extruder/hothead combo did you use for your build?

I’m not sure about the difference from the box version, but that sounds about right.
I have a J-Head hot end from http://hotends.com and a Greg’s Wade’s extruder. Make sure you get the right parts with the adapter for the i3. I got my printed parts from @Shane_Graber .

@B_K11 There’s a number of large differences between the box_frame version and the single_plate version. Most of them are cosmetic, but if you’re siding with one version over the other, I would buy the plastic parts that go with that version just to play it safe. The notable differences between the two are (differences are what the box_frame has and the single_plate doesn’t):

  • z-motor (different shape, potentially different hole spacing for M8 smooth rod)
  • z-idler (different shape, potentially different hole spacing for M8 smooth rod)
  • x-carriage (different shape, uses clamps for the LM8UU’s instead of slip-fit)
  • x-motor (different shape, uses clamps for the LM8UU’s instead of slip-fit, M5 nut for z-axis motion slides into a groove instead of embedded into the plastic)
  • x-idler (different shape, uses clamps for the LM8UU’s instead of slip-fit, M5 nut for z-axis motion slides into a groove instead of embedded into the plastic, belt tensioning (no idea how well or bad it works))
  • y-idler (has belt tensioning option)
  • y-belt-holder (different than single_plate, you will have to drill mounting holes in the seemecnc y-carriage to accomidate it)

Personally, I like the SeeMeCNC version, but that’s what I also built.

@Shane_Graber thank you for the great info! I’m convinced with the single_plate version. Are you still selling the plastic part kits? I’d prefer to get them from you knowing they’re correct rather than a random set off eBay…

Here’s what the parts look like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbgraber/8426168884/in/set-72157632634521927/ These are 100% compatible with the SeeMeCNC frame (seen in the photo) and are made for the single_plate repo. SeeMeCNC sells the frame in both Black and White versions. I can print parts in Black, Natural, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. Any preference? If you want the yellow parts and that white frame (seen in that picture), they’re yours. I was planning to sell them on Ebay soon. Let me know!

Contact me at sgraber@gmail.com if interested.