Hello everyone I'm sharing this to see if anyone else is having this problem

Hello everyone I’m sharing this to see if anyone else is having this problem when I start my G code in a dry run four testing if I try to cancel the job the job will keep going and then shoot off into strange court indicated in the code also I’m experiencing glitch in the graphics engine which is giving me a extremely long tool bit rendering any ideas thanks for your time and keep on cutting

There’s a workflow pattern for pausing that is a bit different in ChiliPeppr than other Gcode senders. Since the client and server are unique entitities, pausing can mean 2 things: 1) Send gcode to serial port json server 2) Serial port json server sending to CNC controller. The pause button in the Gcode widget defaults to item 1. You can go into the Options on the Gcode widget to add item 2 into the mix when you hit pause. However, there is also a red button in the TinyG widget that is exclusively item 2. So, you’ve got options to work with.

As for the toolhead size it’s because you’re in inches mode. That fix is being worked on today.

Can you post the Gcode file you’re working with so I can check on it?