Hello everyone... I'm new to chilipepper and web based control and i have a

Hello everyone… I’m new to chilipepper and web based control and i have a few questions if that is ok. I do come from an industrial embedded background and i was considering designing some interface circuitry for a g2core build and a arduino Due. I have seen the pinout recommendations for the g2core and the Due, but i haven’t seemed to find any real information on the pin characteristics.

Example pin m1vref I would seem to reason would be a pulse width output that when used with a low pass filter would mimic a analog voltage output to set the motors current level, I also reason that the user can adjust this value either through setting or Gcode. Other pins such as m1ms0, m1ms2, m1ms2 ect… I’ve found only vague information on, that they set the microstep rates and not much more.

I’m just asking if there’s is any documentation on the g2core pins and whether they can be used for added user I/O’s, such as adc-inputs ect… without having to open and append code to the g2core. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you…

Also I would like to thank the chilipeppr design team and John Lauer for an excellent program and his work gave me the needed push to learn javascript and html. Great work Mr.Lauer at the strides you have made in open source cnc and for dangling the proverbial carrot in our faces… :slight_smile:

This question is probably better for @Alden_Hart or the TinyG Controller Group to answer, but my take here is yes you have the right idea. My understanding is that Synthetos purposely implemented that so you can have the low pass filters to set the motor power for each stepper driver via settings.

Glad to hear you got into Javascript. It’s an amazing language these days.