Hello Everyone, I'm new on this amazing world and I'm gonna get an 3d

(Yulian Zaube Galvis) #1

Hello Everyone,

I’m new on this amazing world and I’m gonna get an 3d printer Anycubic I3 Mega. I would like to know what do you think about it and if this one is a good first option.


(Neil Darlow) #2

I have one and it prints really well. I have replaced the bearings and swapped the Ultrabase for Borosilicate glass covered with PrintBite+.

It’s a noisy machine and the print cooling fan duct is not optimal. Also it’s worth opening the case on receipt and checking that every screw is tight. Mine had loose rod retaining screws.

There is also a concern that machines could be supplied with a 32-bit controller board. This is OK but be aware that it’s closed source and you cannot modify the firmware.

If I were buying now, I would go for the Ender 3 which runs Marlin and, I believe, the design is now open sourced.

(Yulian Zaube Galvis) #3

Neil, I really appreciate your advice. I was looking the Ender 3 and it is cheaper than the Anycubic. Does it change something on characteristics or is the Ender just better than the Anycubic?

(Neil Darlow) #4

The Anycubic i3 Mega is nice with having the power supply and electronics contained in the base. The base, in theory, will add some stability to the printer both in rigidity and having some mass low down. I do however have some concerns about the quality of components used and hesitate to recommend it knowing that parts will need to be replaced shortly after purchase.

The Ender 3 is becoming very popular and there is the Pro version, I believe, which employs heavier extrusions on the Y axis and has a removable print surface.

The open source nature of the Ender 3 is the biggest advantage for me.