Hello everyone, I'll get to the point.

(Nathan Ainsworth) #1

Hello everyone,

I’ll get to the point. My Dad is envious of my machine and wants me to get him a bigger and better one. I want to make it 4 x 8 and it will be primarily for a plasma cutter but also for a spindle. I know I’ve seen where some of you have expanded yours to be larger but I’m having a hard time finding all the details so I figured I would start a new post.

My biggest concern is keeping the machine as rigid as possible while expanding to this size. Does anyone have any experience doing this? I’m assuming there will need to be a stronger X-Beam at a minimum.

Also will I need larger stepper motors since the screws will be much larger?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

(Shawn Markham) #2

When you start getting that large you may want to look at a rack an pinion setup. Frank Howarth on You Tube has a good 3 part video on his 4x8 CNC build. You could use the R7 to cut the needed plates and build a bigger machine… Machines building machine…

(Nathan Ainsworth) #3

Good idea. Thanks Shawn.