Hello everyone, I have a Strip Led of w2812B  (1 meter with 30 lamps).

Hello everyone,
I have a Strip Led of w2812B (1 meter with 30 lamps).
I have a problem and maybe you can help me.
Write on the strip led 5V .
I hooked it up and I also bought 1000 microfarad capacitor Get as it is written on the Internet.
Meanwhile, any way I try - I can not really run it.
I see it this way: if I bring him 5V, so there are some individual lamps lights up (red or blue).
About the power source - once gave way to ardunio(Uno), or through the computer’s power supply or via a 5V transformer with 1000 mAh hours. Everyone the same.

About the application, I tried all sorts of things and nothing responds strip LEDs.
I think I may have to give a little more than 5 V. Is this true?

“Get as it is written on the Internet.” ??? Where on the Internet?

Providing USB power or a separate 5V (on the Vin pin) should suffice quite nicely for 30 LED’s (just keep the brightness down). Publishing a wiring diagram and a copy of the code you’ve written would help.

@Andrew_Tuline , I think he is stating that he read it as a best practice. Ada fruit and other sites state that it is a great idea to have a ~1000-2200uf capacitor on the power feed.

Eitan, I would not go higher than 5V. If you do, you can destroy the LED’s. It is better to stick around the 5V mark. Could you share a link to your sketch that you are using to ‘attempt’ to light up the LED’s?