Hello Everyone I am trying to engrave wood cases,

Hello Everyone
I am trying to engrave wood cases, the program that Im using is K40 Whisperer and it is working, only that the vector engrave do it really soft. Also I need that it “vector engrave” all the solid, not only the borders, I understood that it can only be engrave the borders. Can someone help me change settings so that I can engrave hard on the wood?

Im new to the machine

For solid fills it’s going to raster engrave them. The depth of the engraving is going to be determined by a number of factors. For machine settings, engraving depth is going to be determined by scan speed, power, and scanline steps. Slower speed and/or higher power will engrave “harder”.

Scanline steps determines how far the laser moves down for each following raster scanline. The K40 laser beam typically has a minimum diameter of ~0.15 mm at the focal point. So having a scanline step of say 0.05mm(0.002in) means you are getting a ~3x overlap on area of the engrave. Smaller scanline steps gives “harder” engraving since it’s in effect giving more “passes”, but it comes at the cost of longer engrave times.

I think K40whisperer has the default scanline step at 0.05mm(0.002in). I would suggest playing with speed and power first.

What settings were you using? Also a pic of your engraving may help as well.