Hello everyone, here we go

I own a hand held oscilloscope I don’t even understand how to get a graphical chart on, Well, with consultation of the manual and some training, I am sure i could become an old hand but I am painting a picture of my skills/lack thereof

So I can solder at the same level and care and delicacy of avionics components and processor re balling level, The only problem, I have not done any circuit theory and am a complete noob in understanding my way around a circuit board. I think ohm is something you say during mediation. I have been using my aviation soldering training to repair bail ends on lawn mower control cables, fix plugs and extension cords. and mostly twist wires together using electrical tape because I forget my soldering iron half of the time…

Did a few TINY surface mount kits for skills. But it its tinier than a pinheads pinhead I can solder to it.

Those forgetting and unorganized days are over! brought the toolbox inside and soldering iron and needles and flux and all all has its own drawer.

I want to save some money and use lightburn in my k40 laser I am uploading a pic of the current board that is in my machine.

The stock board,

I love very much that I have gotten to know very well, I enjoyed our time together and will be selling it on ebay as a used good board for cheap to hopefully live again!

I have purchased this controller and this touch screen lc

/////// options for retrofit. I can’t believe you doodz had this kind of drop in support back in oh seventeen. I find myself with much time on my hands lately and dove deep into inkscape and k40 whiperer but

Do I still need an additional circut to fire the laser at a certain power will it stay on I saw a few videos where some guys said a usb stick caught fire, that was on a smoothieboard something or other.This forum is a bit difficult to navigate any forum is at first especially when you are as dumb as I am.

I’m surprised china hasn’t copied and faked the cohesion 360 board

My question about the motor controllers do i just buy 3 drv8825s or tmc2209 or should i stick with it comes with?

I plan to use a rotary table hence needing 3 whatever i am talkingabouteez.

I bought ESP-12S wifi controller separetley. I uploaded pic with bundle but I bought my wifi midule frome ebay and the tft24 and the mks dlc 2.1 with 3 last place controllers

This is the annoy board was this the better choice?

this one was more expensive but i went for the 2.1 since there are a ton of ppl the made the mod. Sort of.

GRBL1.1 OFFLINE display touch screen MKS DLC CNC control panel motherboard 3018 cnc upgrade parts card laser marking controller|3D Printer Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress here is a link to the ali expree listing. Color: DLC-TFT24

Then I gutted the machine and made a small order to make it max out the cutting area

and its almost impossible to find a BOM list for the bed expansion
THIS IS FOR A K40 mini measure your rails and buy what you need if you need larger, buy larger

Can anyone save me a few weeks of waiting time for parts and tell me if they notice anything else I might need!!

So for around $90 you too can convert your k40 to bigger or about 130 with 2 linear rails for the blazers axis

I thought about going for a high speed rail for the laser head but that was $179 by itself.

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If you are trying to use the original steppers and pulleys that’s the wrong belt. See our replacement parts page:

The belts are NOT the common 2mm GT2 toothed belts so common on 3D printers and in hobby CNC. They are instead standard imperial MXL 0.08 inch belts (in metric, 2.032mm) in order to support motion in exactly 1/1000 inch increments. X is 3/16" wide, Y is 3/8" wide (both nominal).


Whats the best course of action buy extra 3 idlers and a length of belt and use whats there? both sizes of belt 10 and 6.5 or something else?

I can’t say your best course of action. That page has links to sources for the different-width X and Y belts though if you want to stick with the imperial belts.

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Holy smokes that mxl stuff is expensive.

Any comment on the card I chose vs the annoy card?

Still not clear on additional circuts needed for firing laser. Is there a resource I can dive into without asking too many durm questions? Other than read all the questions on this forum in the k 40 section ever as the answer. .

What controller board did you decide on?

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Don, thanks for the question!! This one!
$31 with new user discount came with the screen and the board

is the one I went with it apparently already has laser software flashed on the screen and firmware.