Hello everyone. Got a strange one here.....

Hello everyone. Got a strange one here… My extruder motor driver is stuck in one direction. When i extrude it goes clock wise when i retract it goes clock wise. I have a x5c so have just swapped to the fith driver but am wondering if there is a fix? Ive checked the motor, and even put my x motor on the driver with the same result. So im at odds to see what it is. Flashed latest firmware, even started with a clean config.txt and no luck.

Either your config has remapped the direction pin for that motor driver or you’ve shorted it somehow or there’s a board fault. having a poke around with a multimeter might be helpful

Yeah i think the driver is dead. Config is fine.

Could be the connector too, it’s that sometimes.

Must admit the original owner had seriously poor soldering skills. So I’ll have a check.