Hello Everyone! Before asking for help,

Hello Everyone! Before asking for help, I’d like to say thank you to all those who contribute to this awesome tool. I really enjoy being able to remove my laptop and therefore myself from the immediate vicinity of my mill. I use ChiliPepper to connect with Serial Port JSON Server running on a Raspberry Pi (latest versions of software and HW) and control an early 2016 XCarve (Arduino with GRBL shield 1.1e Firmware). The biggest issue I have system lock ups when sending a biggish jobs (~1MB, 90k or so lines of gcode). I’ve had intermittent success resolving these issues by pausing/resuming the job, but more often than not it takes a couple of minutes to respond (rubbing the cutter against the work all the while). This tends to happen very early in the job (first minute or two) and once it does respond, the remainder of the job runs without error. I have tried increasing and decreasing buffer amounts, how many lines I send at a time and how frequently I send them, but I always have the same problem with larger files. I tried turning on verbose mode on SPJS but it seems to simply be cycling through gcode string arrays. The browser also comes to a complete crawl during these freezes, even if plenty of lines are logged in the SPJS buffer and I have all the visuals turned off and console logging disabled. What I’d like to figure out is how to diagnose this issue properly instead of changing parameters and crossing my fingers. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

You say the browser freezes. What browser are you using? Chrome is best. Do you turn the FPS down on the 3d viewer, or even disable it? Or are you referring to the standing bug, that we’re hoping somebody from the Grbl community can volunteer to fix, that has your buffer flow fail where hitting ~ resume kicks it to keep going?

I have encountered the issue in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Chrome and Firefox I attempted to use as a solution to the issue after initially encountering it in Safari. My most recent encounter was in Safari with 3d viewer disabled entirely (has also happened at full vis and 5fps). The bug you describe sounds like how I achieve resolution (although it takes several minutes to actually get kicked). What is needed from the Grbl side? Is anyone already working on the issue? Is the bug clearly known? I’m not much of a coder, but I’ll help if I’m able.

If hitting resume fixes your issue, then this has nothing to do with your browser and is the standing bug in the Serial Port JSON Server buffer flow for Grbl. This bug was fixed for TinyG about a year ago.

I ran into a thread of yours on the Inventables forum as well. If I’m reading everything correctly, it sounds like there is a good case to just buy an Arduino Due for $30-40, load G2 on it and attach it to the existing gShield and dump the Uno/grbl… I might even just buy a TinyG so I can add a laser in a month or two… What are most other folks running these days? Seems as though grbl is on its way out with little support.

I tend to agree that momentum is moving towards CNC with higher powered processors. Grbl on an 8-bit 2KB RAM processor is too old now. You could try the Due for sure, but it still is in heavy development. TinyG v8 board is pretty darn stable and probably what most are on.