Hello everybody!. I'm trying to use the auto-level option of chilipeppr but I only

Hello everybody!. I’m trying to use the auto-level option of chilipeppr but I only got that the process runs first point and I need press two times pause button to run the next point and again and again. When firsr point is got it, all points on the 3d viewer disappear. I’m running GRBL 0.9j.
Thank you for your help.

What workspace are you using? This was fixed in the main /grbl workspace by @raykholo about 1 week ago.

Thank you John. But the same problem using http://chilipeppr.com/grblStaging

This wasn’t necessarily fixed… I ported in the changes from http://chilipeppr.com/imania but I’ve been getting reports that it doesn’t work there either.

@Camilo_A_C can you try http://chilipeppr.com/imania and let me know if that fixes the issue please?

Btw /grblStaging and /grbl are identical at the moment so you can just test /grbl.

I tried using http://chilipeppr.com/imania but it has the same problem.
How can I to help to fix it this issue?
I could change some code. Just tell tell me.

I recall hearing folks say that Grbl changed something in a newer firmware. Is it possible you’re using the older firmware? Cause from all the feedback /imania and /grbl have been working fine for the problem you’re seeing.

Grbl v0.9g same issue.

Please try to switch the probe signal wires on your system. Means, plus to minus and minus to plus, in most cases this helps me with GRBL.

GRBL is detecting the touch very accurate. I could see request response at console. “found lowest Z:00000.123”, so the hardware is OK.

You switch the wires?

Check wires twice and make sure your probe is far from noise sources. There is a setting in grbl to allow software debouncing (disabled by default). This helped me a lot with noise on limit switches, when I was using grbl.

I have no problems with noise, because if I use another software it works fine. The problem is when I used cp autolevel.

Did you try to swap wires, as +Frank Herrmann​ suggested?
Try both options:

  • GND on tool and PROBE on PCB
  • PROBE on tool and GND on PCB
    and see if that helps.

Yes, still problem. So, it’s just a short circuit, the polarity doesn’t matter. Thanks for your help.

Does the probing work if you close the probing circuit ‘in the air’? Hold the probing wires and short them by hands after starting probing cycle.

Yes, it works fine in the air and in the pcb. But cp doesn’t work continuing. Cp always stop each touch detection.

Someone knows any other software to use auto-level option?