Hello Community, today I tried the ramp technic in my cad/cam application which is

Hello Community,

today I tried the ramp technic in my cad/cam application which is fusion 360. The ramp feature procedures a lot of gcode and chilipeppr can’t feed my tinyg so fast to keep the buffer full, so my machine stutters. Is there anything I can do to speed up the communication between chilipeppr, the json serial port server and the tinyg?

Thank you in advance!

What speed is your connection set to?

Can you post your file? Serial Port JSON Server is compiled code and is quite fast, but I have seen Gcode that has such seriously short moves that things stutter, but it’s fairly rare to see it. I’d be surprised if Fusion 360 is producing Gcode with that small of movements.

Speed is 115.200. @jlauer : this is the file --> http://pastebin.com/NC0EqTJD … stuttering starts on (RAMP2)

I also noticed that tinyg has always 31 or 32 buffer slots free when it begins with the ramp operation… normaly there are 4 free slots I think…

I had the same problem. Click the gear icon on the gcode widget in chilipeppr. Take a screen shot and post it of your settings. I am willing to bet your overloading the buffer.

I recently fixed a similar problem. It was in the GCode sender options. He had Multi Line Upload Mode Set to Yes, Use Multi-Line Mode (Default) <-- this is fine, but a little lower in the lines option, he had it set to 1000 lines (it needs to be set to somthing like 100)

He had the Delay Per Gcode Upload Event (i.e. per line) set to 2ms (way too fast) and it needs to be 1000ms

I noticed in the Json Server/TinyG buffer (in the port list, bottom right of screen) it was reading 4000. Also the TinyG buffer (just below Freehold) was as 34/34 which is too high when running

My settings: default --> https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO-6gsz3uYEVflmS58fOvKj65iFTGNF-sjizbxP

Yeah buffer planner at 30 means it it’s getting starved. How is the buffer size for spjs down in your spjs widget? If it’s near zero then you aren’t sending lines fast enough from the browser.

Ok, I see… I’ll have a look at it tomorrow! Thank you guys.

@Florian_Seffert I’ve used HSMWorks for years on Inventor and had this problem as well. Have you used the “Smoothing” option on the “Passes” tab? With that box checked I’ve seen huge reductions in GCode complexity and file size. Smoothing will automatically be one decimal point more precise than the tolerance value in the same tab, so you generally don’t have to change anything once you select it.

Neal, thanks for your hint… I’ll give it a try as soon as I’m at home!