Hello community, I'm using chilipeppr for 4 years with the tinig an it works

Hello community,
I’m using chilipeppr for 4 years with the tinig an it works great. For a couple of months I use the X box widget and it works fine two. But I have a problem with the start and stop from the cooling, in the widget it’s M7 and M8 but I use M8 and M9 for start and stop cooling. It is possible to change the M7 to M9 in the code of the widget.
I’m a nob in confirm widgets an need help.

Greetings Kai

I think what might be best is to fork the widget on GitHub, make the code changes, then submit a pull request or I could link to your Xbox widget instead in the workspace if you added some kind of config option for the m7/m8 vs m8/m9.

Hi John,
I appreciate your work by chilipeppr. It would be good for me if you could help me. I understand absolutely nothing of widgets and the configuration.
I wish you and the whole community a happy new year 2019 from Germany.

Greetings Kai

Sorry, I should have said “if you’re a coder and up for helping modify the open source software…” It sounds like you’re not a coder, so don’t worry about it, but sadly I don’t see an easy way for you to get the Xbox widget to use alternate M8/M9 without coding.

Happy new year to you as well!