Hello community, I am a user of FastLED and addressible LED from Taiwan.

(陳柏廷) #1

Hello community, I am a user of FastLED and addressible LED from Taiwan.

I am a friend of APA company in Taiwan because I use their apa102 5050 and 2020 in my poi project, I think the company is the original of those controller-integrated-3/4wire-LED, like apa102. Recenly I just had some talk and the co-owned and he gave me a lot of samples of their new package 1515, more than I can test.
I think it is a good idea to share with more people who are good at using those, so I am asking here.

Any friend here is using with apa102 want some samples of 1515 package?
the specific part is APA-102-1515-256-6
1515 means 1.5mm*1.5mm in dimensions, probably the smallest of apa102 LED.
not sure what 256 refers too, but it is the one with no flickering when global brightness is 31. and 8192 one has flickers bad with POV.
6 means it has 6 pads, better footprint for layout. some had 8 pads and not easy for layouts.

this is the reference datasheet from their web.

p.s if this in any case against the community rules please warn me, thanks

(Marc Miller) #2

Wow that’s so tiny. Are the samples “loose” (on tape for pick and place machine), or already mounted on a finished strip?

(陳柏廷) #3

@marmil there are loose samples, short tapes, not sure if short tape usable for machines?

I place them with sqeezers and solder with paste&stencil

edit: i saw your question, I know they had finished strip products, think I can ask some strip for you.

(Franck Marcotte) #4

I’m very interested in samples of strips.

(Dushyant Ahuja) #5

@10e05991b0888ec5312e Would be interested if the there are strips. I can’t solder SMD parts right now.

(陳柏廷) #6

okay, I’ll ask for that :slight_smile: please wait, might need few days

(Michel G. Khoury) #7

I am interested as well! Let me know the next steps and the conditions :slight_smile:

(Leon Yuhanov) #8

You all realise this is spam-vertising right?

(Marc Miller) #9

@Leon_Yuhanov OP has posted legit questions and shared a nice POV poi project in the past, uses Teensy, FastLED, etc, so seems ok to me.

(陳柏廷) #10

@marmil Thank you for remembering that :wink: My work is mostly made of apa102 and I got help from the company, just trying to pay back.

@Leon_Yuhanov sorry for bothering!

(陳柏廷) #11

okay, I think it’s better to report some progress here

I’m going to test the free samples by drawing a Fritzing testboard, and many kinds of footprint for my own need, but also advertising the chip by sharing extra testboards :slight_smile:

I had some problems on pinouts now :frowning: but footprint is workable, once they are complete and tested fine I’ll share the Fritzing footprints / testboard file.
there will be 4 small pads like those on strips but bigger, you can solder your SPI wires and test the LEDs at your preference

For all interested in the completed testboard (apa102-1515/2020/5050)
I think should cover up some fee of the testboard/ international shipping. since the LEDs are free samples, but for reference they’re about 0.2$USD at my source. If you want unmounted LEDS i can see if i had spare, but whatever the footprint is, 1515 and 2020 are extremely unfriendly to hand solder, though possible.
Please PM me to my gmail and I’ll reply as soon as I’m done testing :slight_smile:

(陳柏廷) #12

finally I have time to conclude this,
I just did a test board by Fritzing and can work,
was arranged correct and chainable.
anyone is welcome to use the footprints in the file to see if it fits, see Fritzing forum post below,

about giving the samples : seems not practicle, so nvm
thank you all, peace :slight_smile: