Hello awesome 3D printing community! I'd like to introduce a project we're working on

Hello awesome 3D printing community!

I’d like to introduce a project we’re working on which hopefully is of interest to you as well.

We’re building a next generation miniature tabletop strategy game by combining traditional tabletop gaming with companion Android tablet app that we have built. (check out our website for more info about the game: http://landsofruin.com/)

But now to the interesting part: We want to produce the miniatures utilising 3D printing technology! We published an article explaining our approach in detail. Check out the link in this post.

We’re now looking for partners who would be interested to work with us to prove our approach. We believe that we can provide a real application to use this awesome technology as well as a solid business case for our future partners.

I encourage any interested to contact us either via email at info@landsofruin.com or via G+ either directly to my account or via our G+ page @Lands_of_Ruin .

I’d really like to hear what you guys think! Please leave a comment below or at the blog!

Check http://www.thingiverse.com/dutchmogul/designs

@Jan-Pieter Yep :slight_smile: We’re using one of their things as our test print right now. The shock trooper is by dutchmogul.

@Frank_Baca might be interested in this.

Sounds fantastic and we would love to print out your models one day! Out of curiousity, how do the figures “interact” with the Andriod App (or are we reading that part wrong?) =)

Exciting stuff!

@Funbie_Studios Thanks! and let’s stay in touch to see what we can do together in the future :slight_smile:

In the first iteration the models won’t interact directly with the app. The players will be using the app and moving the models on the tabletop. We have been considering some interesting NFC solution for making the table more avare of the location of the models and automate some manual tasks but we have had to leave that to lower priority to get tasks with higher priority completed first.

Are you looking for individuals who have printers to print this stuff, or are you looking for a service that does printing. @i.materialise is a service that can print what you upload. But I’m not clear on whether you’ve gotten that far in the process.

@Becky_Scott We’re looking for both. We would love to work with individuals or small companies starting in this field to come up with best possible process to work together as well as willingness to push the technology to its limits. We face the challenge of gaining approval from the very critical miniature gaming community for our approach.

@Juhani_Lehtimaki Sounds fun to us (and fun is half our name) - will drop you an email shortly :wink: