Hello All. Since wednesday I can't use LW on my mac.

Hello All. Since wednesday I can’t use LW on my mac. The screen is blinking.
Can anyone help?
Thank you very much!

Please tell us the specs of the mac as osx version, thanks!

This looks like a problem with a video driver. Did you activate the webcam feature?

Hello. I use os x 10.10.5.
Last week I tried webcam.
Thank you!

And gpu?

Jorge Robles sorry, what is gpu? How can I show you? Thank you.

Jorge Robles is this?

Graphics card. You need a somewhat modern graphics accelerator on your mac. LW needs opengl to run properly. Mac system info

Yes. Too old i guess :frowning:

Crap. But do you know why I used LW for a month (learning) and now I can’t? Before the last run of LW I install Soda player.

Go time machine :confused:

I already done. The same.

Just this folder Application Support. Should I use another folder?

Remove ~/library/application support/http://lw.comm-server and try again

Thank you very much Jorge Robles, now I can’t do it, I will try later. But I think I use entire application support folder.

Just deleted …/lw.comm-server but the problem persists

Then something broke your mac :confused:

I think its because of Soda Player, I will keep googling. Thank you very much Jorge

SOLVED. I’m so happy! I had on Energy Saver : Higher performance - then I change to Better battery life - and work ok. Thank you Jorge for your time.


I’m glad it’s solved :slight_smile: