Hello All, Once again I'm here with another Question.

(Erin Jordan) #1

Hello All, Once again I’m here with another Question. As I am finishing a school project that I have been getting a huge amount of help from the FastLED community with, I have something that has been bothering me.

To control my LEDS in my Helmet I am using a Adafruit Pro Trinket 5V 16MhZ. It handles everything just fine however I have one huge complaint with it. When uploading code from the Arduino IDE I have to push the reset button every time. This is more of a huge annoyance that a problem but It has to be timed just right and lets face it I probably only get it right about 1 time out of 4…lol So Is there anything else I can use that will reset itself and accept the code without me having to push the reset button every time? Like the Uno. But it has to be small… The Trinket is the perfect size, is there anything Like what I am looking for that will also handle the Workload?

(Jason Coon) #2

I highly recommend the Teensy: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy

(Brian Lewis) #3

I’ve been working with the Gemma from AdaFruit that functions the same way. I always find that I have to push the reset button twice within a couple of seconds from each other to get my computer to recognize it correctly.
The Flora from Adafruit may be something to look into. Not sure if it would be too big for your project though.

(Erin Jordan) #4

@Greg_Norman No, I am Using the Micro USB Cable. Space is a little limited so I didn’t want to solder and Pins into the Trinket. As it would make the Trinket either Taller or Wider.

(Marc Miller) #5

I would also recommend the Teensy. Wonderful little controller.

(Ezio Perinot) #6

For me teensy is an amazing little board to work on!

(Erin Jordan) #7

Is the Teensy comparable to the trinket as far as speed? will it also Upload code automatically? lol

(Andrew Tuline) #8

I use a 16Mhz Nano or Pro Micro which don’t require button pushes. Have also got a 75Mhz Teensy, which DOES have some fancy upload procedure.

(Marc Miller) #9

It’s not comparable in speed, because it’s much faster. :slight_smile:
You only have to push the button once, the very first time you upload code to it, after that it’s automatic.
Plus @PaulStoffregen ​is an awesome developer and I whole heartidly recommend supporting his work.

(Jeremy Spencer) #10

I agree, the teensy 3.x is fantastic, but I frequently use nanos if I don’t need all that power, and nanos are less than $2

(Stuart Taylor) #11

@Erin_Jordan ​ you mention this its a school project, so i guess that budget may be an important factor. thereforeyou may feel that the teensy is a bit pricey. If you just want to get rid of the button press, look on ebay for an arduino mini pro.

(Erin Jordan) #12

@Stuart_Taylor Price is not a huge factor especially being that I am already a few hundred dollars into it already…lol But, I am changing a lot of code and uploading it to see the changes it has on the lights. I just hate having to push the button every time I want to upload a new code…

(Justin Eastman) #13

I always use micro pro328s. $2 from china. same speed as trinket

(Erin Jordan) #14

Thank you all for these great Recommendations. I will ponder over them for a few days and wil see what I may be able to use.