Hello All,  My robotics team is interested in getting a 3D printer for <$1000

(Ishaan Gov) #1

Hello All,
My robotics team is interested in getting a 3D printer for <$1000 dollars. We are looking for one that has an ~8" x ~8" heated platform, and is potentially upgradable for an all-metal hotend, like an E3D. I have heard good reviews about the Mendel90;
Any other recommendations for printers?
Thanks in advance,

(Stephen Baird) #2

Any printer (well… any open source printer) can be upgraded to an E3D. As for that size, with a heated bed, you may be hard pressed for the price you’re looking for.

(Mark Estefanos) #3

Try Makerfarm. You’ll have to build it though.

(Ishaan Gov) #4

I don’t think building it would be much of a problem. Otherwise are there any good Deltas on the market?

(William Frick) #5

The Mendel90 does fit in that price range and is a solid, refined design that is very reliable. Excellent choice for first and subsequent printer. E3D uses them to test and develop their products.

(Ishaan Gov) #6

@Rick_Zehr , the BIV2 looks really cool, but I don’t think the team will want to pay anything out of pocket
@William_Frick , what are recommended suppliers for a Mendel90? Is it usually Nophead’s version? And would an E3D hotend be a direct retrofit (no reprinting parts and stuff like that)?
Thanks for the recommendations

(William Frick) #7

@Ishaan_Gov @nop_head is both the designer and vendor for the Mendel90. The E3D hotends are direct fit. As E3D is also based in the UK you might get him to include the v6 instead of the J-head he normally supplies. He is also very knowledgeable in the entire process. I think his collected blog ‘The story so far’ should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand how we got to the current tech.

@Ashley_Webster like his so much he has just bought a second one.

(Kartish Nair) #8

Check Printdel 3D 400 on youtube