Hello All, I've been a fan of www.jscut.org for awhile and wanted to move

Hello All, I’ve been a fan of http://www.jscut.org for awhile and wanted to move over to Laserweb for my CNC g-code creation on my MacBook. But after loading the Laserweb software and lots of experimentation I am running into a problem. When creating an operation all of the CNC milling options are greyed out and it only lets me select a couple laser operations? I’ve attempted to reset the software to its start state but still no CNC functions available. Do I need to somehow activate the CNC features? I hope to use the program to create g-Code cutting files for my CNC without any of the machine running features. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thats very strange. Are you on the latest version? A long time ago there was a setting to enable CNC but not anymore.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Yes, I did have an earlier version, but have updated just the other day. I deleted the old version before loading the new version but did run into the same problem on both versions. I also find the program causes my MacBook fan to start up as if the program is working the machine harder than normal because my MacBook fan normally never really runs where I can hear it.

@Magic_Images make sure you have the lastest. Then go to about and reset factory default

Also go to ~/Library/Application Support/lw.comm-server/Local Storage/ and remove all contents

Currently running version 4.0.996 on a MacBook Pro running 10.9.5 O.S. Program reset to factory default. When trying to create an Operation my only options are “Laser Raster” and “Laser Raster Merge”, all other operations are greyed out.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ok great, I will give this a try, when I get a free moment!

@Magic_Images are you loading an image or an SVG file with just an image? If that’s the case then none of the other operations will show. You need vectors for other operations. If you havent check out my YouTube videos on LW

Oh heck, I went through several reinstalls and deleting the Local storage folder only to see your suggestion of the SVG file being an image, and sure enough that was my problem! Ugh! Thank you very much for the help! I had downloaded that SVG file off the internet to test Laserweb and had been using that trying to get up and running. I unfortunately didn’t realize it was only an image : P

I do have a second question, I was using that test SVG because my SVG files I had created in Inkpad (a vector program for the Ipad) were not appearing in Laserweb. Theses SVG files work great with http://jscut.org, but for some reason do not show up in Laserweb. Here is a link to the SVG file I created, any idea why it won’t show in Laserweb? https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Up8YM04EsJTNlKQJVdquCi8URktOmK0/view?usp=sharing

LW has issues with some SVG. Do you have an dxf export option,?

Unfortunately this app only allows SVG, PNG, and PDF outputs.

Hmmm maybe time to find a new program for SVG or DXF creation. Many thanks for all your help, I’m looking forward with now being able to play with Laserweb!