Hello all, In the coming few weeks i plan on making some tutorials and

Hello all,

In the coming few weeks i plan on making some tutorials and walk through for laser web.

I am thinking about perhaps hosting the information on a website,
As i am not too great with programming etc i cant help out with the making of laserweb, but perhaps i can create and host a laserweb/cncweb (makerweb) website and help @funinthefalls with documentation, I think github can sometimes be intimidating place to navigate :wink: so a custom website with all the information might be nice :slight_smile:

What would you want the website to be called? see poll below feel free to add options.
The reason for .co instead of .com is price and http://www.go.co/about/ if you want to buy into the .CO mmunity thing :wink:

Lastly @HalfNormal mentioned patreon again but no one really commented.
I think as the laserweb grows (over 1,000 now :smiley: )
It might be nice to look for a way to provide consistent support the people behind it. Currently there is the beerfund, but i think its sometimes hard to know who or when or how much to donate. A patreon could be a nice way to simplify it and for the people working hard to get some rewards and cover their costs etc.

Any thoughts?

I have a domain http://laserweb.xyz printing to github allready, I’m willing to donate it for this cause

cool, i dont mind getting another tho :slight_smile:
Nice to have a short domain pointing to github :slight_smile:

i need to sponser laser web some more :stuck_out_tongue:
I use adobe muse to make websites its a pretty nice program. it also has a web interface for editing so i can add all the people who would like to edit text etc so we can all keep it update. dont need muse to do that btw :slight_smile:

I agree documentation is hard to keep up with as it changes so quickly :smiley: which is awesome.
Like i said i cant help with the programming but i can beta and user guide it all :wink:
I like http://makerweb.co as it encompasses all possibly futures of “laserweb” as looking at what @Todd_Fleming is doing laserweb 4 has 3d printing cnc milling and good old lasering so its a complete package now :smiley:

There is no rush on getting a domain.

i will pin this post :slight_smile:

+Peter van der Walt Like i image laserweb 4 will have a similar thing to fusion 360 in terms of different modules within the program.



to throw some ideas out there :stuck_out_tongue:



I think that there should simply be a formal site like smoothies’
where everything released is kept all under whatever name is decided.
Keep the G+ community for dynamic stuff.

Here is a name: Van Der Walt Generator …he he


+1 for the wiki, easy standard for everyone

How about doit-all, doit-laser, doit-cnc…



Project MasterKey

That is, after all, what it’s designed to do…

Open Maker

Maybe an über marketing guy like @David_Schweighofer can help us :wink:
In a few words, laserweb is an opensource collaborative software interface for initially laser cutter and engraver. Now it supports CNC milling and drag knife and won’t be a web based app in near future so “laser” and “web” are or will be a bit outdated. We need a more generic name.

My advice is that if you want this software to be used in many CNC settings, restrictive and generic words like “Laser” and “Web” should be left out.

Start by keying in on the characteristics of what it does “better” and “uniquely” and name it something that engenders that picture in the users mind.

So what is so “Unique” or “better” about LaserWeb?
What does it do or how does it behave like no other CNC software can?
As a CNC user why do I want this software over others that are available?

Legitimate answers to these can be form, fit or function related. Could simply be price performance.

How about “OpenMaker”? Open source maker software. With the smoothie board, I can see someone integrating 3D printer support some day and the name would still be relative.