Hello All    I'm putting out an SOS for parts print in the USA.

Hello All

I’m putting out an SOS for parts print in the USA. I had a QU-DB Twoup which has recently met it’s end with multiple chassis fractures. It’s unrepairable. I have chosen @Eclsnowman Lien3D_Eustathios_Spider design to reincarnate my twoup parts as a bigger and better printer. If anyone in the USA and in this community or not from this community, can help me print the parts. I will be willing to paypal for the work. I am not rich but I can offer something as gratitude.

Where are u located at ? Have provided parts for other local makers before.

this guy took upgraded his twoup as much as he could with printed parts before he designed a better printer using two up parts to replace it. https://www.youtube.com/user/3DprintedLife

@Jim_Squirrel yes I know his “upgrade” kit is about $300+ . I prefer to spend that on a better/bigger platform.

@Gary_Hangsleben I am located in San Diego Ca. I need the entire 3d printed parts. I am searching for another T-slot deal. I just missed one :frowning: Entire frame for $45. I acted tooo slow dang!

Hello @Gary_Hangsleben , are you still ok with printing out parts for me? If not let me know. I’m still trying to get things going on my end.