Hello All im new to this group,

(Alan Johnston) #1

Hello All im new to this group, i am creating my own RC car with all custom parts, and i am currently looking for major help with the electorics, im wanting to use all home made parts so the circuit board will be hand made, with controller and reicver, i am wanting feature like variable speed (so you can go slow to fast, aswell as working lights like dipped main beam and high beam, break lights and also hazzard lights, i dont know much about electronics bhut want to create it my self is there anyone who will be able to help me with this please

(Tim Odell) #2

Seems like a frustrating path you are on. Is’nt there an existing motherboard in the marketplace which you could connect devices to?

(Alan Johnston) #3

not that i have seen no. i dont mind doing it all my self (which i find better), i love soldering but its the main bits and the transmistion and reciving i hve the most problems with, im looking into some designs i have seen but updating and adding dont seem usable with them

(André Roy) #4

This place is all about DIY RC. I also enjoy working on and understanding all the nuts and bolts of stuff. My tip for you is if you want to get started in electronics side of things, start by getting yourself an Arduino starter kit with a bread board and a few starter parts.

(sicherlich nicht) #5

Arduino is a good starting point if you really want to do everything yourself from scratch, including programming it which will take even more time that “just” the soldering part
If i where you i would check first if there is something out that gets you as close as possibel to what you want to do and start from there. for me there is no point in re-inventing the wheel a 100times over.
e.g. check his out: http://rover.ardupilot.com/
its mostly opensource so if you wanted to you could built it yourself entierly, but for 50 euros you can get that on ebay (APM 2.6 not the newer Pixhawk)
software is also open source. im using the same electronics in a copter. APM 2.6 is the best controller i ever bought for that price!

(Bryon Nush) #6

Raspberry Pi (I’d recommend A+) would also work. It uses more power than the Arduino but since it is a small Linux computer it can be easier to do certain things.
Motors and LEDs can easily be done by either the Pi or an Arduino. The features you want would determine which one to use. I am working on an RC tank that can be controlled from my laptop. I am using a Pi to control the motors. End goal is that I can use an xbox controller to control my robot (from my laptop) and that I can eventually add a camera and other sensors. I could probably use an Arduino to do this as well but I have a Linux and Python background. I also have so many different USB devices that are basically plug and play on the Pi.
The differences between them would mainly come in how you code them. C/C++ for the Arduino while the Pi would work with any language (Python and C/C++ seem most supported though). Most accessories can be shared between them (with some modification to size and voltages).