Hello all, I'm giving up on the MOSHI board and software.

Hello all, I’m giving up on the MOSHI board and software. I invested so much time into this machine and it is still an unreliable piece of crap with potential. Any suggestions for what path to choose in order to get a working machine with good software?

Upgrade the controller to a smoothieboard and run LaserWeb v.2 This will give you a 32 bit controller that has ethernet connectivity along with some very advanced firmware (way better than Ramps or Grbl). The software is very easy to use.

Thanks for the answer. I had a feeling I’ll be getting that answer from this group :slight_smile:
Do you happen to know about someone who wrote up a guide for the complete upgrade?

Yes, the owner of this group, @StephaneBUISSON created a write up available at http://smoothieware.org/blue-box-guide. If you need any help with the upgrade just post your questions here in the group, one of the smoothieboard creators, @Arthur_Wolf is a member of the group, and the development team for LaserWeb V.2 led by +Peter van der Walt are all members of the group as well. So any resources you need are just a click away.

So in other words I’ve landed on a good spot :slight_smile:
I’ll start ordering stuff today so I can have them ready to installing within 2 to 3 weeks.


Can’t wait to make the same upgrade.

Curious, but which smoothieboard? My thought would be the 3 since you really only need X/Y and maybe someday Z. But the 3 doesn’t come with ethernet. Is the board just not populated with the port? Or is it missing additional chips for ethernet to function.