Hello all! I would like to build a 3D printer,

Hello all! I would like to build a 3D printer, one with a 200mm cubed print area. I was also hoping to get it for around $300.

Most of the kits that I have found for this print area start at $450. I was hoping to get just a parts list so I could shop around and price compare. I’ve been having trouble finding this. Are there any part lists somewhere?

Many thanks!

Would the printrbot simple work? 200mm cubed volume or each dimension?





@Kenneth_Shaw I was thinking each dimension.
@Stephen_Baird Looking at those links now! :slight_smile:

The reprap wiki can be a challenge to navigate, but it has all kinds of info on a large variety of printers. I can’t think of a better single repository for that kind of stuff.

One printer that can have a full sized build area and cost 300 or less is the Wallace, it’s easy to assemble and all the mechanics are straight forward, the only reason I don’t have one of them running is because of the difficulty of sourcing m6 rods for a reasonable cost in my area. There are m8 variants but the files I have for those don’t seem to print right.

Brandon, I think you’re unlikely to get it done for $300. A more realistic minimum for that build volume is $450. 200mm in height is a stretch, and even 200mmx200mm bed is basically “full size”, i.e. not a typical budget printer. I would second a Wallace if you’re really just trying to get cost down.

A box framed i3 is probably your best bet if you go that route, it will save an arm and a leg in costs.

A guy on IRC came in trying to hit $300 on a self-built printer. Here’s the BOM he came up with. It looks like he ended up at $550, including a heated bed.

Does anyone know anything about the Morgan? The parts cost sheet says $276 plus a few parts the creator sourced for free…


I know that it’s new and it looks really kool. Which is part of the reason why I like it.

For that price you can get the printrbot simple which has 100mm3, the printrbot LC has 216mm3 but costs $549. (too bad you missed the Buccaneer)

If you don’t need the full height, it is fairly easy to make any of the printrbot/wallce “stick” types with a larger bed. This one is dead simple: