Hello All I haven't been here in a while.

Hello All

I haven’t been here in a while. I’ve been holding onto my Herculien water jet cut aluminum build plate with countersunk holes. I thought I would get into the fray again after selling my Eustathios spider. I’ve sold my car project, thus no more need for my plans of a herculien. I am offering my new build plate for $95.00 shipped. It’s new, no dents etc. It’s collecting dust in my closet. The money will go back into my school fund. I’m loosing money on this as is, so please be nice. Additionally I also have a new bondtech extruder new in box up for grabs. $110 takes it.

Where are you located? What’s the dimensions of the plate?

@Jeremy_Marvin I’m located in California. The dimensions of the plate are as described in the build requirements of the BOM.

I’ll have pictures up when I get home tomorrow at the latest. I’m away from home and won’t be back till tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay, pictures to come. Been stuck at work. Gotta love over time and a half :slight_smile:

which version of the bondtech? the QR? what size filament? does it have the motor attached? shipping incl? im in Canada.