Hello All. I have purchased a steering servo of the type listed on the

(Justin Morel) #1

Hello All.

I have purchased a steering servo of the type listed on the thingiverse page and printed the servo mount but they wont fit.

The printed mount fits the chassis perfectly, so I know it’s not the 3d printed part. The servo simply wont fit the part. See the pics below.

My understanding was that 1:10 steering servos are all 48mm center to center on the mounting holes. The 3d printed mount looks to be about 46mm center to center for the same holes.

Additionally, all the dimensions I’ve seen listed for 1:10 steering servos show the overall dimensions of the body of the servo to be a shy over 40mm, the printed part seems to be 39mm(ish) on the inside.

I an confusion :frowning:

(André Frazatto) #2

Yep, that one made me confuse too.
As I understood, people usually use smaller servos I don’t know why considering all the controller/receiver/servo kits use the same size as you have on the picture there.

You can print it bigger and make new holes on the frame, you can search Thingverse for the correct size model (I remember I found some eventually) or “make it bigger” with a dremel :stuck_out_tongue:

(Justin Morel) #3

@Andre_Frazatto Thanks for the reply mate. Much appreciated.

So a smaller servo as in a 1:12 scale? Or an alternative 1:10 scale servo with smaller dimensions?

What I cant understand is that the servo that is linked in the parts list on the thingiverse page seems to be the same dimensions as the one I have purchased and as such would not fit the printed part.

I have no problem purchasing the correct size servo if someone could link one that would be compatible with the 3d printed part. I just cant seem to find a listing for a servo that has the right dimensions to fit.