Hello All, I am new to chiliPepper and CNC so I assume I am

Hello All, I am new to chiliPepper and CNC so I assume I am missing something. I can jog the machine in all directions no problem, but the Axes widget never updates the co-ordinates. What am I missing?
I am using GRBL .9 and windows 7 and chrome. Any ideas. i tried universal gcode sender it seems to work reasonably fine. so i can see its actually just for some reason not in chillipepper.

Posting a screenshot can help us all debug.

Updateing to GRBL 1.1 , once complete I will post a screen shot.

missing/deleted image from Google+

It still has the same issue

In your screenshot not seeing the spjs widget in lower right to see if you have grbl buffer selected. It seems your Grbl widget isn’t see that your device is active and thus it’s not translating coordinates. I found that I had to reset Grbl a few times to get the Grbl widget to pick up on it’s presence and start translating.

Hopefully this one shows what your interested in seeing. Thank you for all the help.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Yup. You’re not connected using Grbl buffer. That’s your problem.

how do I do that ?

Found it thanks for your help and direction