Hello all I am new here.

Hello all I am new here. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on re–purposing dc motors with encodes for a DIY printer? I had the oportunity to tear down a couple tape library pick and pull machines and ended up with a ton of amazing pieces. I obtained motors w/encodes, lead screws, linear rails, bearings, a couple different drag chains, and more. So I have been researching the use of dc servos as 3d printer and although servo strap seems to be the only DIY level thing I can find, it is not very easy to follow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m pretty sure MachineKit can do it. Other 3DP controllers don’t have great servo support. It’s a lot of high-speed computation to manage the feedback loops in realtime.

@Miguel_Sanchez has been doing a lot of work on this. Check out his profile and read his blog. He also provides a lot of code, examples, etc. Some of the stuff he blogs about is no longer available though; one of the BLDCs that used to be available on aliexpress vanished overnight and it was a pretty damn good one too.

I have seen people post about how they did that for cnc mills and 3D printers. I think that if it has multiple rows and columns that you already had an x,y coordinate system in place before you took it apart.

I’m building a machine from scratch and using my Wilson ts to print the needed parts. once together and tested I will maybe have some parts cnc’d for more rigidity and stability at increased speeds. I want to increase print speed and try to be cost effective. I am not looking to sell the kit either but will release all open source so if effective others can freely build