Hello all. I am a little new to this but here goes.

(Erin Jordan) #1

Hello all. I am a little new to this but here goes. I am working on a Daft Punk (Guy Manuel) Helmet for my circuitry class. I have always looked for an excuse to build one. The Helmet itself is basically complete and All I have left to do is light it up. This part is what my project will be graded on.

I plan to use 64 WS2812B RBG LEDs. My inspiration for this project came from this post on Thingiverse by GTIspeeder. He mentioned the Fastled library and I downloaded his Code.

As a driver I plan to use a Adafruit Pro Trinket 5v.

My Question is Will this work with the pro trinket? I do plan on trying to find a way to remove the Push button from the code. Basically I would just like all the patterns to loop. I do plan to use the code that he most graciously Posted. THANKS A TON GTISpeeder!!!

I also plan to use 2 pins, one for each sidebar.,Just like he did. As far as Power I am still on the drawing board but I do know that I do not plan to power them from the board… As far as I understand that is not even possible. I was thinking Due to the large amount of space inside the helmet, I may power each sidebar separately for Longevity of running time. Will I have any Issues using his Code with WS2812B LEDs as he ran WS2811 LEDs?

Any Input you guys may have would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’m not 100% sure how to post his code on here so I apologize for not providing that. Also I Will post likely be using a PC for the Coding.

(Marc Miller) #2

You can post the code on pastebin or gist and add the link here in comments.

(Michel G. Khoury) #3

here is the link of the code http://www.thingiverse.com/download:1645947 (to rename to .ino)
I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for ws2812b (change LED_TYPE in the code). as for power, as long as you wire everything correctly, same, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with 2 separate power “channels”.
did you tested it yet ? or you are wondering if it would before doing so ?

just out of curiosity (and as I’ve also always wanted to have mine), how did you buid the helmet itself ? any tutorial to share or anything !? you 3d printed then used a vaccum for the front ? thanks !
edit:never mind, just saw the 3d files (are ear cups ready for electronics? for the visor, is it cut into the 3 VisorSideVacSupport parts?)

(Erin Jordan) #4

Here is the Code, Sorry for the delay.

(Erin Jordan) #5


I actually purchased a raw cast of the helmet from Moguai Props. He has some Very accurate casts and both that I have purchased have been pretty sturdy. I also comes with the visor that he vacuum formed himself.

I have not wired anything up ATM. I have purchased the LEDs and Battery Packs but I’m basically theory crafting on the power. I want to use Li-Po rechargeable batteries but at only 3.7v I worry about the brightness.

(Erin Jordan) #6

Also If anyone Has any Input as to What I could use for the Chin bars I would be Grateful. I have room for something around 1.5in High and 2in wide. I was considering using 2 of these on each side. https://www.adafruit.com/products/902

However I’m no Coder so I figured they may be a little out of my league at the moment. Thanks for all the help so far guys. I really appreciate it.

(Sean Clohesy) #7

you can get a 4x4 ws2812b matrix on ebay that might work for the chin bar, going on my 8x8 matrix the 4x4 would be around 1.5 inches square

(Erin Jordan) #8

Thanks, I will look into those! They look like they would work Nicely!

(Erin Jordan) #9

So today I received my Adafruit Pro Trinket. I used the Arduino IDE to upload the Fast LED library and the Visor Code, but I do not have my LEDS yet… Sadly. But I wanted to go through the motions to get familiar with the process.

I’m hoping the Pro Trinket will run everything I need it to (code wise). Any other Recommendations so far?