Hello, a few of my bushings are very very stiff.

Hello, a few of my bushings are very very stiff. One even scratches the rod as it moves. I am using the Misumi rods and a few work really well, but that cross rod is slightly tilted, haven’t tried with the carriage yet…

Oh, and it looks like the pulley connecting the rods is rubbing every 1/2 turn on the bearing holder. Will that just wear out?

For the pulley there need to be shims between the pulley and the bearing to space the pulley out. Very thin shims are all that is required. They are in the BOM so if you ordered off of that you should have them.

Not sure what you mean by tilted? Can you make a video and upload to show us the problem? Also the bronze bushing can’t scratch the hardened rods. Bronze is too soft to scratch it.

BTW Here is where the shims go: http://imgur.com/a/42cST

(You can see it in blue)

@Eclsnowman Ohhhh, that makes sense. I fixed the tilted problem. Basically, the cross rod was pushed all the way into one mount/holder on one side and very little on the other so it was at a slight angle. All fixed now.