hell yeah, made my first circuit board.

hell yeah, made my first circuit board. with cp it’s so easy im in awe…

Looks sweet. It does look like you got pretty tight on the pads in upper right corner maybe losing more copper than you should’ve, but looks like a nice solderable board. What kind of CNC machine did you use?

Yeah one of the guys at my work did the board design and he wasn’t aware of the tolerances till we cut it so I guess there was a lesson learned there haha
It’s a shapoko3 that I fit with a tinyG. They go together like penutbuter and jelly.
Now that I know how easy it is I’ll probably be doing a lot more of them.

You should just inflate your path more in the ChiliPeppr widget to get more clearance. It looks like you have plenty of room on that design to inflate path.

The 3040 CNC line is even more perfect for TinyG and Chilipeppr, IMO. I cannot say enough about how much I love this little machine and the workflow with ArtCAM and Chilipeppr. I have to get back to the circuit boards but paying gigs come first but it’s great to see more people using this amazing tool.

I did cut a second one and inflated them with great success.
I bought the machine to cut metal parts out to build bigger CNC machines and I almost have my large CNC plasma table done too and I made all the parts with viacad -> cambam -> chilipepr
All tinyG and cp powered.