Helium UAV

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My plan is to use aluminum bicycle rims for a flying UAV supported by Helium bag and propellers only to direct.

Rims are light and have holes in precise positions: one should make use of those features.

@mcdanlj has decent experience in helium bags (and much other) and I hope we shall make it real together

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I think you may have the wrong photos linked

(Michael K Johnson) #3

My flying experience is as a pilot; I have no airship experience of any sort. I helped photograph some NC Near Space launches when they were launching with helium. They are currently launching with hydrogen. Given that helium is scarce, hydrogen has more lifting power, and hydrogen actually isn’t as dangerous as people think from the Hindenburg disaster (it just takes appropriate care), hydrogen makes a lot of sense. But I really don’t have much more value than that to provide here!

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Yes and no: those are the rims I am going to use for the future UAV projects. I have used them in the past for #RingRap

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Neither do I and before 2013 I did not know what a 3D printer is after I built over 23 printers. Now I am learning betaflight, Naze32 and playing liftoff simulator in steam.