Heating pads came in yesturday. 12" x 12". 5 total.

Heating pads came in yesturday. 12" x 12". 5 total.

What are you doing with 5 of them

and how much did they cost?

They cost 60 bucks each plus 12 bucks for shipping if they are the same ones I bought

I think mine were cheeper than that but I will have to pull the invoice to make sure.

Really where did you get them I just got mine in the mail today. Why did you get 5 you building 5 machines or a really large one haha.

cool, I’d also like to know the source because the 24v ones from QUBD are $60 and are slightly smaller than 12"x12"

From Aliexpress. Yep 5 bots. I will post a link later when I get on a PC.

wait… these ones are only $24. says 24v and 400 deg F. I guess they’re lower quality?

humm darn this is where I got mine


What wattage and voltage did you get? I ordered a 110V 600W from Alirubber. $48.90 with 3-5 day shipping via DHL.

170W 12v.

Alirubber on alibaba makes the ones for QU-BD. The will make them to size and voltage you spec. My 13.5x13.5 24v 400w was $25 plus shipping.

Plus they will customize them as mine are with the 3 holes i needed for mounting. That,s where i got mine also Alirubber.

Yep I got mine from alirubber as well, was $20 plus shipping

Well darn I should have shopped around a little more than

@Eclsnowman - How does your HBP perform? I would like to get one from Alirubber too if they are that cheap and good quality - is 400W working well for you?

I Have A 350w with 12v. Not the best choice. I have to run 2 ATX power supplies in parallel. Good part is it heats faster than the hotend. The big ones i bought are 170W 12V. I hope thats correct as there is a lot of coiled wires in there. Next time i am considering an AC powered one if not then a 24V could be good so a SSR should be needed. Keep everything on the board. Just adds more rats nest using a SSR or a MOSFET board like i am now. So yes they are cheep and good quality. they can be ordered with any length wiring you may need also.

they made mine as a 500W beast and I have a 500W switching power supply powering it super fast to heat up :smiley:

What sort of costs guys?

And how did you spec these up? I don’t exactly know what to ask for in a custom build plate.